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Active Innovations Case Study: Business Process Analysis

Challenge:  Client has complicated internal business processes that have been in place for several years. These processes are not well documented, are not consistently trained and followed, and have not been evaluated and monitored to measure their effectiveness. Departments have difficulty coordinating their work and avoiding duplication of effort.

Strategy:  Seek an IT consulting services company that has experience in business process analysis and could provide evaluation and technical implementation for a reasonable fee.  Schedule in depth consultative sessions to review existing business processes and devise ways to make the corporation more efficient and effective by leveraging technology.

Solution:  Active Innovations worked with the client’s staff and observed existing processes in action and began to map out some potential long term solutions. One of the common issues identified were “data islands” where critical information was locked up in excel spreadsheets, word documents, and other formats where it was difficult to interface with other data sources. Active Innovations proposed a new SQL database that consolidated numerous “islands” together. Then using SQL Reporting Services data was combined to provide a more unified view of the client’s business operations. These new reports are now accessible through multiple methods and are also scheduled for routine delivery via email. Active Innovations also helped the client in identifying processes they were using and documenting them so they could be trained on and employed to provide more consistent results.

Results:  The client has realized significant increase in productivity and cost savings in avoiding duplicated efforts where the same information would need to be entered in multiple locations by different people using different platforms. It is estimated that at least 40 hours of labor has been saved per week as a result of these changes. Because the critical information is entered into one designated place, once, any mistakes are more obvious and easy to correct as they reflect on all of the reports. Data is now more centrally located and accessible, more accurate, and gets to the people who need to use it on a timely basis. Active Innovations continues to work on additional long term improvements to their existing processes and the client focuses on what it does best.

Technologies and Services: 

*  Microsoft SQL Server & SQL Reporting Services

*  Microsoft Internet Information Services

*  Business Process Analysis consultation