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Active Innovations Case Study: Disaster Recovery

Challenge:  Client has one server that handles all business transactions for the company. Functions on this server include hosting the corporate website & email, central file shares, and all databases. This server went down and corporate productivity and profitability went with it.

Strategy:  Seek an IT consulting services company that could provide planning, implementation, ongoing network management and technical support for a reasonable fee.  Schedule an emergency consultation to get all systems operational ASAP.

Solution:  Active Innovations received the emergency call and was physically on site within 30 minutes. Within an hour of troubleshooting the server was back into full production. It was determined that an infection had come in through the corporate email server causing the immediate situation. Active Innovations conducted a thorough investigation and also pointed out that the key hard drive on the server was going to require replacement as it was starting to fail. Active Innovations suggested expanding the server hardware to two machines and split operational functions to spread the work load and provide greater redundancy. Within a week the new server had arrived and Active Innovations re-architected the operational systems to take advantage of the second server. The defective hard drive was returned to the manufacturer for warranty replacement before it could become a larger issue. The email server software was replaced with an upgraded version that was more resistant to the infection which had brought down its predecessor a week earlier.

Results:  Today, Active Innovations manages the technology that supports this business primarily through remote access.  The improved systems architecture has greatly increased corporate productivity due to higher availability and reliability. Active Innovations addresses all IT needs and the client focuses on what it does best.

Technologies and Services: 

*  Microsoft Server OS, Windows Terminal Services

*  Microsoft Office and other corporate applications

*  Firewall, routers and switches

*  Anti-virus + spam control

*  Remote server management Computer user support by phone, email, remote connection and field service