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Active Innovations Case Study: Systems Evaluation

Challenge:  Client has multiple servers and a significant investment in current generation hardware and software. Despite the quality and quantity of equipment, they have an unreliable network that goes down about once a week for no apparent reason. Other anomalous issues transpire randomly wreaking havoc with the availability of corporate resources to end users.

Strategy:  Seek an IT consulting services company that could provide planning, implementation, ongoing network management and technical support for a reasonable fee.  Schedule a systems evaluation meeting.

Solution:  Active Innovations took a methodical approach in evaluating the client’s known issues and immediate needs. During the course of the evaluation it was noted that the building power was heavily taxed and brown-outs were transpiring. Active Innovations suggested the purchase of UPS battery backup units to cover all servers and network switches throughout the entire building. While evaluating internet connectivity, it was noted that the fee paid for T1 access was exorbitant and not competitive with current offerings. Active Innovations suggested a switch of ISPs and change from using a T1 connection to corporate DSL to cut costs without loosing required performance.

Results:  Today, Active Innovations manages the technology that supports this business.  The UPS battery backup units stabilized the power available to critical network components and now the systems go down for routine maintenance. The switch from T1 to DSL and also changing ISPs results in a net savings of over $700 per month. Active Innovations addresses all IT needs and the client focuses on what it does best.

Technologies and Services: 

*  Microsoft Server OS, Windows Terminal Services

*  Microsoft Office and other corporate applications

*  Firewall, routers and switches

*  Anti-virus + spam control

*  Remote server management

*  Computer user support by phone, email, remote connection and field service