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Active Innovations Case Study: Systems Upgrade

Challenge:  Operating previous generation systems has much wider implications than just the IT department, and can impact everything from compliance and customer service to productivity and profitability. Client realized it was time to upgrade their infrastructure and needed this done with minimal impact to daily business operations.

Strategy:  Seek an IT consulting services company that could provide planning, implementation, ongoing network management and technical support for a reasonable fee.  Schedule the systems upgrades ASAP.

Solution:  Active Innovations evaluated existing infrastructure and planed for the migration based on stated goals. After a mutual decision on what hardware and software was required, a weekend engagement was scheduled. All significant existing network configurations, security arrangements, files and user accounts were created in the new systems. All user desktops were patched and upgraded, with each user account logged in to verify correct connectivity and configuration. Before business began on Monday, all of the groundwork was laid to provide a seamless transition for corporate staff.

Results:  Today, Active Innovations manages the technology that supports this business primarily through remote access.  The client’s staff has enjoyed the significant feature and speed improvements that come with operating current generation software and hardware. Active Innovations addresses all IT needs and the client focuses on what it does best.

Technologies and Services: 

*  Microsoft Server OS, Windows Terminal Services

*  Microsoft Office and other corporate applications

*  Firewall, routers and switches

*  Anti-virus + spam control

*  Remote server management

*  Computer user support by phone, email, remote connection and field service