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Active Innovations Case Study: Web Portal

Challenge:  Existing web site provides little functionality and serves only as an online business card. Client wishes to provide a robust web portal that would allow for different security levels and interactive content. Client wishes for non-technical staff to be able to update the new site to keep the information current.

Strategy:  Seek an IT consulting services company that could provide planning, implementation, and technical support for a reasonable fee. 

Solution:  Active Innovations evaluated the business needs for the new web portal and discussed the many options to realize those ambitions. Based on the budget and requirements, an open source Content Management System (CMS) was suggested and implemented. Within a day the new portal was installed and functional on the client’s web server. Additional required functionality was added to the portal by purchasing pre-programmed modules at a low cost from the numerous vendors who develop for the platform. All existing content from the current web site was copied to the new portal by the client. When they were ready to make the new portal their production web site Active Innovations was able to make the transition invisible to the outside world.

Results:  By working with an open source product, it is estimated that at least $5,000 was saved in license and programming development fees to provide equivalent functionality. Within a day the client had a solid web portal in place on their own web server. This portal provided for secure logon and allowed them to provide interactive services to their clients such as questionnaires, streaming video, managed bulletin boards and more. The client is able to easily edit and manage their own content without requiring technical support.

Technologies and Services: 

*  Microsoft SQL Server

*  Microsoft Internet Information Services

*  ASP.Net 2.0

*  DotNetNuke Content Management System (CMS)