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eTrack - Email Campaign Tracking

Timing Is Everything And Your Sales People Are On The Move

Your E-mail Marketing Campaigns May Be Identifying Opportunities

How Soon Does Your Sales Team Know About Them?

The IntelliClick eTrack module engages your sales team with alerts by e-mail, text message or scheduled phone calls in your CRM system.  As campaign recipients access "intelligent" hyperlinks inserted in your campaigns, designated individuals in your organization are alerted so that they can take action to kick start your sales process. Integration with your CRM system logs all tracked responses (opens, page clicks, one button literature fulfillment and unsubscribe), allowing timely follow-up to be triggered. 

Add the WebNav module to the picture and obtain immediate insight into the interests of your target audience as they browse your web site. The IntelliClick "Digital Body Language" report helps you identify opportunities based upon those who have repeatedly visited your web pages. Your sales team gains an effective tool to help with their sales follow-up.

WebNav - Personalized Web Site Visitor Tracking

Supplement the effectiveness of tracked e-mail campaigns using the IntelliClick WebNav module. WebPrints™ monitor page views as visitors from your GoldMine and ACT email campaigns browse your web site. Contact specific information is tracked for each campaign that brought them to your web site. Information for each visit is added to back to your GoldMine and ACT CRM solution in real time, allowing immediate and timely actions to be triggered. 

Get a jump on your competition by engaging your business development team in the sales process early, BEFORE others get their attention. IntelliClick shortens the timeframe that you know about e-mail campaign generated opportunities. Using the IntelliClick special "one click" literature request and fulfillment option will take action on your behalf to "kick start" the sales follow-up process.

IntelliClick monitors your visitors' "Digital Body Language" by providing key details about their visit that allow you to make informed decisions about opportunities identified. Tracking goes beyond the first web site visit and continues to monitor return visits for any period of time you designate. Simply opening a web browser and returning to your site will allow tracking of their subsequent visits to be tracked, providing a measure of their interest in your products and/or services.
Your organization benefits from:
  • Seeing which campaigns drive activity to your website

  • Using prospect website activity to qualify readiness to buy

  • Viewing patterns of interest specific and personal to each contact

  • Setting dynamic queries which target your best prospects for sales follow-up


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