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MasterMine® serves 3 key functions for any business using GoldMine CRM:


1. Simple GoldMine CRM Reporting
  • - The easiest, most intuitive GoldMine CRM Reports available Drag-and-Drop fields to position in tables
  • - Familiar Excel environment (using pivot tables)
  • - Easy drill-down through any summary for full detail
  • - Mailing lists and list views are a snap
  • - Clone and branch off to make new reports in seconds
  • - Reports maintain links to GoldMine for click-through and GoldMine Group building

Most reporting options require days of training and only give you dead reports when youre finished. MasterMine's live, GoldMine-integrated reports can be set up in seconds, and 1-button-launched from a taskbar when you need them! Start making useful reports with less than 1 hour of training!

There's no excuse for not getting the information you need out of GoldMine CRM!


2. Business Analysis and GoldMine CRM Management
  • - Makes GoldMine transparent to any manager who needs to:
  • See daily reports of activity in GoldMine
  • See information from many different angles to make business-critical decisions
  • Easily change report parameters as information needs change
  • - Segment the database with easy-to-create, easy-to-use overviews
  • - Make GoldMine CRM Groups from any data segment, bypassing complicated filter-creation. Use groups to target e-mails, mailings, field updates, assign accounts to GoldMine CRM users.
  • - Make tables, charts, graphs and lists in seconds

Marketing and Sales Managers, GoldMine Administrators, and Business Managers save hours on daily processes: Segment the database and send e-mail or letters in one smooth action. Monitor any activity in GoldMine CRM. Analyze lead sources and sales funnels. Assign leads.

MasterMine leverages analytical tools built into Excel making better use of GoldMines business logic and built-in features.


3. GoldMine CRM Data Management and Clean-up

Is your GoldMine turning into a junk drawer? Users not entering data properly? Imported data didn't turn out right? Is it hard to find and fix bad data? Not anymore!

With MasterMine, users quickly find bad data, click-through to GoldMine records AND FIX IT! Or use GoldMine CRM Groups to mass-change large amounts of bad data in seconds. All changes are sync-aware and intuitively correct because you see GoldMine from the top-down, so you know you're hitting the right targets in your data.

What is bad or lost data costing you every day in lost opportunities?

Download MasterMine Today!

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