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Active Innovations is a leading business solution, systems and technology consulting firm. Committed to innovation, responsive to our clients' needs, and focused on delivery of value, AI designs and delivers innovative solutions to complex business issues. We specialize in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Professional Services.

Installation: Configuration and installation of the software on the server(s) and client(s) machines so that the product may be accessed by the end users in its “out of the box” state.

Business Process Analysis: Evaluation of existing business processes and an analysis about how to align those with the new CRM system. This is also a good time to review and change/add business processes to an organization to improve overall efficiency.

Customization: Configuration and modification of the CRM software so that the labels, drop down lists, fields and screens have the customer’s language and data needs met. This step is most frequently taken after a Business Process Analysis review has clearly identified needs.

Data Conversion: Process of electronically copying data from legacy system(s) into the new CRM so that end users do not need to manually rekey all of the old information previously collected. Each data conversion process is unique and can vary wildly in complexity and time required to achieve the desired goals. It is common to perform a test conversion into a Development system before repeating the process in Production.

Report Writing: Creation of custom reports that aggregate information from the CRM database and perhaps other system(s) as well. If the same questions are being “asked” from the system on a regular basis, then they are good candidates for being turned into reports.

Training: End users benefit from training on the new or upgraded product, and they may also require additional training if features are being employed that have not been in use previously. CRM system Administrators strongly benefit from training so they can be the “subject matter experts” in the company and provide the first tier of support to end users. As turnover occurs, training the new hires is also a good best practice.

Third Party Product Integration: Frequently third party products are employed to provide enhanced functionality to the overall CRM system. These third party products all require their own installation, customization, training, etc.

Aftercare: Once the initial implementation of the CRM project has been achieved, there is an ongoing need for support. This includes assistance with such things as software version upgrades, additional customization, training, troubleshooting, and other needs as the customer requires.